STEB: Beginner


Welcome to our STEB correspondence seminar! You're about to be introduced to 5 series in different areas of evolutionary biology that will not only introduce you to many new interesting facts and connections, but also help you better understand the material you're probably covering in biology at school. We hope you enjoy the seminar, and that you do well in the competition.

Please read the rules and hints carefully before starting the competition to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Series 1: Evolution in action

Most of us experience a sense of wonder when we think about the amazing diversity of life on our planet. Scientists today agree that all living organisms evolved from a single common ancestor that lived around 3.8 billion years ago -a unicellular creature nicknamed LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor). But how did complex organisms such as humans, which are made up of trillions of cells working together, emerge from this simple, single-celled organism?

Authors: Himani Sachdeva, Barbora Trubenová and Kristína Hudáková

STEB_EN_Year5 (8).pdf

Series 2: Out of Africa

Have you ever tried to construct your family tree, or see if you have any historical celebrities in your family? Or just tried to make sense of complicated relationships in the House Targaryens? If yes, you are probably familiar with family pedigrees. But today, we will go deeper in history than you have ever gone before.

Authors: Barbora Trubenová, Himani Sachdeva and Kristína Hudáková

Deadline for the second series is on the 20th of December!


Series 3: Evolutions, antibiotics and us

Antibiotics are an integral part of modern medicine, so widely used that healthcare without them has become inconceivable. But have you ever wondered what antibiotics look like from the perspective of bacteria? How antibiotic treatment changes their environment? How bacteria adapt to this dramatic change? And what happens to the 'good' bacteria in our body during treatment? In this issue, we will make an excursion into the fascinating world of bacteria and have a closer look at the evolution of antibiotic resistance.

Authors: Hildegard Uecker, Himani Sachdeva and Kristína Hudáková

Deadline for the third series is on the 21st of February!


Series 4: Let's talk about sex!

No, in this issue we will not talk about the thing you are (probably) thinking of. Well, not quite. In fact, we will cover a lot more, and we will be guided by a central question: why even bother to have sex?

Authors: Reka Kelemen, Himani Sachdeva, Kristína Hudáková and Barbora Trubenová

Series 5: Evolution of Cooperation and Altruism

Everywhere around you, organisms engage in complex social behaviours. Cells interact to create multicellular organisms, individuals interact within groups and populations, species interact with each other in complex networks of ecosystems. It is hard to believe that all these behaviours are also encoded by genes and are the result of millions of years of evolution!

Authors: Barbora Trubenová and Kristína Hudáková