STEB: Rules

Submitting your project

You can submit your answers and the project write-up electronically via our Google Classroom. You will be added to our Google Classroom after you complete the registration form and provide us with your valid gmail address. Alternatively, if you don't have a gmail address or don't wish to use Google Classroom, you can send your projects to


  • You can write in English, Slovak, Czech or German. We are very flexible. :-)

  • Pay attention to the deadline for each series. Send your write-up on time! You will lose 1 point for every day it is late. After 10 days, we will no longer accept your answers. As a time of submission we consider the date when your email was sent or answer submitted.

  • You can use any books, articles or other material you find helpful in answering the questions and solving the problems. However, make sure you use your own words to explain the solution!

  • Remember that you compete alone. Do not share your results with anyone else competing in this competition! If your solutions are too similar, both of you will lose points!

  • We will evaluate the quality of your solutions, as well as the project write-up, so make sure you explain clearly what you do!

  • You are expected to send us not only the solution/results of the task but also the methodology you followed or a description of the experiment. Each project will come with a set of instructions explaining exactly what we expect from you.

  • By participating in this competition you agree that your name, school and score will appear in the Results Table.


  • Pay attention to points that you can get for each question, as not all of them were created equal!

  • Even if you don't know the exact solution or your experiment does not come out the way you hoped, send us what you have, as well as your ideas, opinions or the problems you encountered. Some points are better than none!

  • If you feel you deserve more points than you were awarded, let us know. We are all human and make mistakes. Maybe we misunderstood your response or missed something. Just let us know (in detail) what you think the problem was.

  • If you don't understand the questions or the problem, you can always ask! It is possible we did not write something clearly enough, and others have exactly the same questions!
    You can ask questions either via Google Classroom or email them to

  • Do not panic! If the problem seems too hard, it is likely hard for everyone. Plus, re-reading the article, checking out recommended material or a bit of googling can help you tremendously! And remember, you don't need to get the full points to do well.

You are competing in this category if this is the first time you are entering the STEB competition. The individual series can be found here.

You are competing in this category if you have already participated in STEB during the previous school year.

Apart from that, if you are in the last year of high school, but enter STEB for the first time, you may also compete in this category. The individual series can be found here.

You are competing in this category if you have already succesfully completed STEB for at least two years before. The individual series will be sent to you after an initial consultation.